Megan Fox devours role as demon-possessed high-schooler

Russell Brand’s skeevy enthusiasm during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards underscored the obvious: Megan Fox is Hollywood’s new screen siren.

The Tennessee native stars in the sexy, violent “Jennifer’s Body,” which opens Friday.

Being a sex symbol, she insisted last week at Toronto’s film festival, where “Jennifer’s Body” premiered, “definitely wasn’t an ambition, it wasn’t a choice. These things happen (because) I was thrown into a movie” – “Transformers” and this summer’s blockbuster sequel – “that made $800 million and that’s responsible for whatever success I’ve come to acquire.”

Now able to draw crowds just by shopping, Fox reflected, “It’s a scary line that you have to walk. If I don’t break out of that (sex symbol) box, I won’t be able to have the career I’m hoping to have. It’s a lot of responsibility to get my (expletive) together.”In the film, Fox’s Jennifer is a pushy high school senior who dominates her best friend (Amanda Seyfried of “Mamma Mia!”).

The two have a kissing scene, but Fox said no to nudity.

“For me it wouldn’t have been a good decision. I have a permanent no-nudity clause,” she said. “I feel that’s all I have left that is private and that is mine, that can’t be taken by the world. And I don’t feel like sharing it with anyone.”

In the screenplay by Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody (“Juno”), Jennifer is brutally murdered in a satanic ritual – but she comes back.

Source: Boston Herald

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