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Megan on those Facebook photos:
“A doctor suggested me to do that. At that time it was necessary to give a speech on this, not only because the criticism made by the media about it hurt me, but also because it was passing a wrong message. Girls now think is a normal thing to do a cosmetic surgery or intervention at any age and for any reason. It’s a terrible message, so I wanted to show that, at age 25 , I do not need it.”

Too young for botox, too old for a Britney Spears piercing and a Marilyn Monroe tattoo. After action films, the actress goes for comedy. And she’s finally having fun with it.

Forget the tattoos and the false rumor of bisexuality. Megan Fox is fed up with the comparisons to Angelina Jolie. If she ever dreamed of being another person, that would be Britney Spears. Megan is not the bad girl who goes to wild parties until late hours, with a destructive lifestyle and promiscuous. “I hate crowded places, I follow a healthy diet and yes, I have only slept with two men in my whole life,” she says. However, as a teenager, Megan had a more free spirit. She wasn’t exactly a model student at school and, more than once, took the family car for a driving without a license. “I used to drive it two times a week to see my boyfriend at the time (for those unaware, she refers to Ben, her first boyfriend). He was the religious type, the kind that goes to church every Sunday and such. He was not a gangster. But my family didn’t want us to date, so we used to see each other hiding, “said Megan.

We met Megan in a studio in Chelsea, New York. She arrived with her husband, actor Brian Austin Green (aka David Silver of the 90’s TV show Beverly Hills 90210), and one of her agents, Leslie Sloane, who controls every syllable that Megan says. Leslie prohibits the magazine to ask questions about two subjects: the departure of Megan from Transformers 3 and the false rumor spreaded by co-star Shia Labeouf, who said he had an affair with Megan during the shooting of the franchise, in order to protect Megan’s image and career.

Megan enters the studio wearing sneakers, a pair of dark gray leggings, a blue shirt and a baseball cap pulled forward. She is short and small, almost unrecognizable. But the second she took off her cap, we saw the perfect beauty. It is no coincidence that she was chosen to be the face of the Armani brand for so long. Her skin is pale and we notice that one of her tattoos, the Marilyn Monroe one, is disappearing.

Amica: What’s going on with your Marilyn tattoo?
Megan: I’m removing it. It is a negative character. She suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I don’t want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life. And who knows? I’m thinking of removing some other tattoos, but the pain in the sessions of laser removal is terrible.

Amica: And your piercing? During the shoot, we noticed that you have a small sign above the hole pierced navel. Do you regret it?
Megan: Oh, this? I did it when I was 16 because I was a fan of Britney Spears and she had a really cool navel piercing. It was the only time I tried to imitate someone. But then I started to find my piercing really tacky, so I removed it when I turned 20 years old

Amica: You’re considered a sex symbol. Is this a role imposed by Hollywood or is it a natural inclination of yours?
Megan: I can’t control or stop people from calling me sexy. In my opinion, I think some people find sexy the way I talk or walk or move. But on the screen, as a character, I feel sexy, but in real life, this is the aspect that I have more conflicts.

Amica: Why?
Megan: It’s a very stressful thing. As a character, you live the emotions of another person, then you go back home and back to being yourself.

Amica: And you do comedy now?
Megan: I’m enjoying it. I think I prefer more. It’s more relaxing. I feel a different atmosphere around me. In comedy, everyone seems to be on set for fun.

Amica: If you have a daughter in the future and she wants to be an actress in Hollywood, will you be happy?
Megan: I’m not going to be very happy, but I’m not going to try to stop her from doing it so if it is really what she wants. I will try to help, guide, advise. I just hope she has a strong personality to handle this job, because you have to be strong enough to survive in this profession. She can’t be too emotional or weak.

Amica: And your mother? How did she react when you announced you wanted to be an actress?
Megan: The first time I mentioned this to her, I was about 2 to 3 years old. As a child I was obsessed with Judy Garland, I wanted to be Dorothy in the movie “The Wizard Of Oz”. My mother was not thrilled at first. I was born in Tennessee, in a middle class family that struggled to survive at the end of each month, and in these places and in these circumstances, it wasn’t very commom for a girl to say she wanted a career in Hollywood. But I insisted and fought. My mother begun to accept it with time, helping me to finish school and get into college if I wanted. But I’m very stubborn, so I started to work as soon as possible. At 15, I could pay for my own little things. I started very young doing catalogs for fashion magazines in Miami. But my ambitions of becoming an actress were not well seen in my school. I was often bulled because of it and I was treated as a stranger. Girls also picked on me because I preferred the company of boys.

Amica: To deny the rumors that you had botox, you put some pictures on your facebook where you made funny faces. Was it necessary to publish them?
Megan: Absolutely. A doctor suggested me to do that. At that time it was necessary to give a speech on this, not only because the criticism made by the media about it hurt me, but also because it was passing a wrong message. Girls now think is a normal thing to do a cosmetic surgery or intervention at any age and for any reason. It’s a terrible message, so I wanted to show that, at age 25 , I do not need it. I am not against it, I might do it in the future or not, but certainly not now.

Amica: Is there anything in your body that you dislike?
Megan: Sure. There are many things in my body that I don’t like. But I will not say which ones.

Amica: Like your height, for example? (Megan Fox has 1,63 cm)
Megan: Not anymore. I have an average height for an actress. It was a problem when I was modeling in fashion shows in my teenage years, but it’s not a problem now in my work.

Amica: How do you stay so fit?
Megan: For a year and a half to about four months ago, I followed a strict diet based on fruits and raw vegetables, no bread products, no sugar, no coffee. But I started to lose too much weight with it. Now I eat a little bit of everything. And I work out 3 times a week doing circuit training (a series of exercises with tools that improve muscle power), with my trainer Harley Pasternak.

Amica: What is your relationship with fashion?
Megan: I like some things and I follow them. And I have a personal stylist, but I also like my stuff, my styles. If I’m not working, I prefer to dress casually. It’s hard to be fashion every day.

Amica: Have you ever feared for your career?
Megan: No, never. Why? Because of Transformers? Because of why I left the movie? (At this point of the interview, Megan’s agent, Leslie, intervened and demanded us to change the question. Megan snorts and continues) … how could I? I’m destined to work as an actress.

Amica: You want to be remembered for something in the future?
Megan: For my lack of fear I do what I think is right for my life, not caring about what others will think of me.

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