Megan Fox, America’s Sexiest Bad Girl: New Cover of Rolling Stone

Megan Fox has proclaimed herself bisexual, called actors narcissistic douche bags, flat-out lied to the press about a lesbian teen affair and slipped some scathing words about her Transformers director Michael Bay into interviews. So what makes this sexy starlet tick? Rolling Stone’s Erik Hedegaard goes head to head with the star of Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body in the new issue and learns the secret of her bewitching power: “a powerful, confident vagina.”

“Men are scared of vaginas,” she says, telling RS a woman is most powerful when she is “completely in charge of her sexuality.”

So what makes this seemingly in-control 23-year-old star crave the security of her pillow cocoon in bed at night and let her temper flare so wildly she’s told off-again, on-again boyfriend Brian Austin Green, “I’m going to stab you with something”? Fox opens up about childhood panic attacks, the only two relationships she’s ever had, and her struggle to reconcile her public persona with her true self. “I don’t really want to share myself with the public,” she says. “I want to deflect attention from my reality.”

In Jennifer’s Body, Fox is a demon-girl who literally devours her horny high school classmates and engages in the most anticipated girl-on-girl make-out scene of the year. “Clearly I can’t argue that it’s not gratuitous, because it is,” she admits.

For more tales from the set of Fox’s new film and the revealing interview in which she admits to having “a lot of self-loathing,” pick up a copy of our new issue, on stands today.

Source: Rolling Stone

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