Megan Fox’s Terrifying “Transformers” Audition

The auto-blogosphere is predictably abuzz with the rumor that Transformers and Transformers 2 director Michael Bay insisted that starlet Megan Fox wash his Ferrari as part of her audition.

Yes, yuck. But let’s put ourselves in Ms. Fox’s head for a moment. In all likelihood, the Ferrari in question was a yellow 575 M Maranello, which cost something like $225,000. (I’m piecing this together from various Google (GOOG) searches and a 2003 article from the New York Times’ Home & Garden section.)

I mean, you don’t just spray some water from the garden hose on one of those and scrub it down with a big sponge. So we’re skeptical. But if it did happen, it must have been one of the most nerve-racking auditions ever! We can just hear Fox saying to herself that if she doesn’t get the job, she’s surely destroying Bay’s resale value.

Source: Reuters

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