Lady Gaga Is Trying to Be Like Megan Fox

It takes more than a revealing outfit and a hot body to be Megan Fox. It takes a mouthful of inappropriate sound bites.

Lady Gaga is well on her way.

Known for wearing little more than a leotard—giant hats excluded—the pop star was honored Monday with the Stylemaker Award at the 13th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards. She didn’t disappoint when she donned one of her hefty signature lace headpieces.

However, when she finally lifted the veil to speak, what came out was a Fox-worthy (not to be confused with Jeff Foxworthy) phrase, pointing out her favorite accoutrement to any outfit. It wasn’t quite what we expected.“I think we all must remember that the ultimate accessory is the condom,” she told the audience, according to the New York Post.

The difference between the two hot shooting stars? Gaga was said to have forgone the meal at the fancy event and played with her Barbie doll at the table instead. Something tells us Megan wouldn’t take it that far.

Or would she?

Source: E Online

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