Katie Price wants foxy Megan for biopic

Megan Fox should play Katie Price in a film biopic, the TV star has said.

Katie would like the sultry Transformers star to portray her in a forthcoming tell-all biographical film, which is expected to be based on her four diaries.

The 32-year-old told the Daily Mirror: “My movie is definitely on – I’d love Megan Fox to play me, she’s stunning.

“As for the rest of the cast, I’m not too worried. As long as they’re good-looking,” she added.

Katie, who held a Come Dine With Me-inspired party at her Surrey home to promote her new Sky Living show Katie, revealed all about her latest love, Argentine model Leandro Penna. They met when she was out in Los Angeles last month.“I love being with Leo. People think I’m doing this to wind certain people up but I’m not,” she told The Sun.

“You can’t choose when someone comes into my life. I need a laugh after the year I’ve had. Leo’s young and certainly knows how to have fun,” she added.

The mother-of-three admitted they communicate via body language: “He doesn’t speak much English. I don’t speak any Spanish either. But we communicate in other ways. Even simple things like winking.”

And Katie insisted any talk of a potential reunion with ex-husband Peter Andre was off the cards.

“We got divorced. I’ve moved on. It’s just never going to happen,” she added.

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