Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox reveals all

There are several reasons why any man will tell you Transformers is one of the best films of recent years. It’s about big alien robots which turn into cool vehicles, for one. There are lots of fights and chases and explosions and all sorts of cool stuff. But the key reason, the one that will come up time and time again, is the achingly perfect Megan Fox.

THAT scene where the camera pans around her dangerous curves, as she tries to fix mischievous robot/clapped out Camaro Bumblebee, will go down in history as one of cinema’s most memorable. That was the moment a new star was born, her name instantly replacing old favourites like Scarlett Johanssen and Jessica Simpson as the hot topic in pubs, changing rooms and playgrounds everywhere.

Fast forward a couple of years and the feisty 23-year-old has cemented her success with the Transformers sequel, a starring role alongside Simon Pegg in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and now black comedy/horror flick Jennifer’s Body – penned by Diablo Cody of Juno fame – which hits screens tonight.And she shows no signs of slowing down – quite the opposite, in fact. We can expect to see her in two major movies next year, with another three slated for 2011. Megan, it seems, is going nowhere but up. No wonder she’s excited about how her career has taken off – and all thanks to a pair of little shorts and a crop top.

She said: “I just do not know how to describe it. I am not even sure what is happening to me exactly. I feel extremely lucky. I really fell into Transformers and that led to everything else. I feel like people should have to earn the right to work with someone as talented as Diablo Cody. I did not put in the work really that I should have done. So I just feel blessed and am aware that whatever is happening is amazing, and I don’t ever want to take it for granted. I want to appreciate it until it goes away.”

Megan’s overnight transformation from jobbing actress to global superstar and sex symbol would have been difficult for anyone to cope with. Just 20 when Transformers hit cinemas, spawning Fox fever, the slightly strange actress seems to have adjusted remarkably well. She has avoided the usual wild child party scandals, is never seen falling out of nightclubs and pretty much keeps herself to herself.

“I try not to focus on fame. I am not that aware of it all except at certain times like when I was on the press tour for Transformers and there were large crowds of people wherever we went. When I was at the Teen Choice Awards recently it was great. I got very nervous when they got to my category because I thought they would all be screaming for Beyonce but not for me. I thought it would get quiet when they announced my name, I was actually scared. But instead there was a huge eruption of screaming and cheering and that made me so happy. I am thrilled to have so many teenage fans. I think teenagers are the best fans to have and if girls like me, then I am extremely happy because I do not want to push the female audience away. It is a fine line that you walk when you are sold a certain way in the media. I don’t think I have alienated girls, though, because it is usually teenage girls who approach me.”

Yeah – because us guys are too busy giggling, blushing and acting like shy schoolboys, reduced to quivering wrecks by proximity to near-perfection. Working on Jennifer’s Body, then, must have been nice for Megan – the all-girl team behind the film meant she didn’t have to worry about the Megan effect getting in the way.

The movie was written and executive produced by Diablo Cody – an Oscar winner with her screenplay for Juno – and directed by Karyn Kusama, with Amanda Seyfried in the other lead role, as Needy, alongside Megan. So it’s not quite your usual horror flick, with pretty girl there to look good, scream and – usually – die horribly.

“There are positive messages. First of all, the obvious thing is that this film was written by a woman, directed a female and stars two females. In and of itself, I think that is really empowering and very special. It is very rare in Hollywood to come across a script with female leads. Usually the roles are for the wife or the girlfriend or the damsel in distress. So it is great to have a powerful woman like Diablo Cody writing two characters who are very strong in different ways.

They are both charismatic and real. But I think the movie is also empowering for girls because it talks about not letting other people take from you and overpower you. That is what Needy’s storyline is all about. It’s all about standing up for yourself, not letting anyone control you and steer you away from your own path. It is about building your own self worth because often other people will not be guiding you in the right direction.”

Many were shocked when Juno scribe Cody turned her back on mainstream, sweet silliness to follow it up with a horror film packed with balcker than black humour and gore galore. But Megan reckons it’s no surprise.

“Oh my goodness, she is so smart and witty and strong and confident, but lovely too. I just think she is a unique human being. She is unapologetic in every sense of that word. A lot of writers try to be like every other writer but she is herself; she is not trying to be anyone else. This is her view of the world. When she wrote Juno, she did not set out to win an Oscar. She just wrote about life as she saw it. She is not trying to impress people.”

But that’s exactly what she did once male Fox fans learned of the lesbian smooch between
Megan and Amanda. Throw in the topless swimming scene which was splashed all over the internet and suddenly Diablo has impressed us all. A lot. But Megan insists the film has plenty of substance to back up the sexiness.

“I would describe it as a dark comedy with elements of horror. There are definitely moments when I screamed out loud when I was watching and I knew what was going to happen. I scared myself. It is not a slasher movie though at all and overall it is funny.”

Megan’s character Jennifer is a popular, gorgeous and arrogant type who is adored by everyone in tiny town Devil’s Kettle, especially best pal Needy. Then she is the victim of a teenage black magic experiment gone wrong, which turns her into a man-eater in the most literal sense.

“Jennifer is narcissistic and self-obsessed but at the same time she is very insecure and manipulative. She does not really learn too many lessons during the course of the movie, which I love in a way. She doesn’t become a better person. At first glance, when you first meet Jennifer, she seems one-dimensional and superficial but there is more to her; she is quite insecure deep down. She is in a really unhealthy friendship with her best friend Needy. All kinds of unfortunate events end up happening to her, which she deserves really, and she betrays her friendship.

“A rock band called Low Shoulder have been online researching satanic rituals. They are basically selling their souls to Satan in order to get a lucrative record deal. They are trying to sacrifice a virgin. They think Jennifer is a virgin, although she’s not, and tie her down in the middle of the woods by an enormous waterfall. It is a very dramatic setting; I cannot move and I am gagged. They perform a ritual which they intend to end in her death. They are going to kill her but she ends up possessed by demons. I need to eat human flesh and organs to survive and I start feasting on boys.”

Ouch. Still, even that won’t be enough to put Megan’s many male fans off. In fact the raunch factor will only make things worse. Just as well we won’t have to wait long to see her back on the big screen in next film Jonah Hex.

“It was great working recently with Josh Brolin on Jonah Hex. I learned a lot about acting and had to work harder than I ever had before and I enjoyed it a lot. I walked away from the film completely exhausted but satisfied and quite elated. I had a new outlook on myself and my work, and a lot more confidence. I feel I will be able to achieve far more than I ever imagined in the past.

“Josh plays the title character and he is a John Wayne-esque cowboy who is the hero of the movie but also an anti-hero, he is just as bad as he is good. I play his love interest. Her name is Leila and they have a really twisted relationship. He is afraid to love her because everyone he loves ends up dying for one reason or another and he is very tortured. She does not understand why he won’t stay with her. There is a push and pull as she tries to get him to open up because she is desperately, madly in love with him. It was definitely really interesting.”

So there’s more to her next role than just looking good or butchering boys – in fact Megan reckons she is only really now getting to grips with acting.

“When I was tiny, a toddler, I was drawn to acting and performing and I was really obsessed with The Wizard Of Oz and Judy Garland. From that point forward I always wanted to act. When I was twelve I did some modeling just to get into the entertainment business. I was also a dancer. But I did not enjoy modeling and started acting as soon as I could. Initially, when I started, I was not passionate about acting. I didn’t appreciate the craft and art involved but now I love it. Jonah has been the first time I’ve broken down my walls and let my emotions out, and that is priceless; it has really helped me.”

As for the future, while she insists she won’t go back to modelling, Megan is pretty ambiguous about her career. It’s safe to say we can expect to see her starring in plenty more big-budget blockbusters, though. For her, though, it’s all about helping the kids. Honestly. Just like a Miss World contestant.

“I don’t have any set goals but I love acting and love films. Overall, in terms of this business, I hope to gain the status that will enable me to be truly and legitimately helpful to people. I feel like that’s my purpose in life, to do charity work and help people around the world on a global level. Being part of this business you have so much influence and you can really make a difference.” I’m drawn towards the idea of somehow helping children.”

Source: Daily Record

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