Exclusive: ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Director’s Cut… and Sequel?

Don’t be dismayed to learn that the Jennifer’s Body you see in theaters this weekend won’t be the final cut of the film. Director Karyn Kusama told us earlier today that her preferred director’s cut will be released on DVD along with the theatrical cut. But, before you decide to stay home, you might want to consider that if you do go to the theater – and contribute to the film’s all-important opening weekend box-office gross – you’ll be more likely to see a sequel in a few years. “What’s that?” you say. “A sequel?!” Hit the jump to read what Kusama says about it.

Will there be a special director’s cut on the DVD?
Yes. It will be a theatrical cut and the director’s cut, in the same package. The director’s cut is not substantially different – it doesn’t have a completely different structure or tone, but it is a more amplified version of itself, in my opinion. I’m really excited for people to see this other cut. I’m really pleased with the theatrical cut, but I’m even happier with the extended cut.What kinds of things were cut? More sex? More violence? More story? It was a combination of story, like characters that broadened the world. But in other people’s opinions, they felt like it was potentially narrative distractions from the central story. To me, it’s sort of a crapshoot. I can see the advantages to having a leaner, meaner story, but I also think when you broaden the world, see more characters and get a more interconnected sense of the community that is being terrorized by this monstrous force, it deepened the zany emotional impact of the movie. For the people who are already signed on to the tone and the weirdness of the movie, I think it is a slightly deeper, richer experience. There is even more humor [in the director’s cut] than is already in the theatrical cut. For that reason, I think [the director’s cut] is a more accurate portrayal of Diablo’s script.

The film is kind of set up to leave room for a sequel. I know that is pretty much par for the course in Hollywood, but have you at all discussed the possibility with Diablo?
We actually just had a very brief exchange about this topic while we were in Toronto. If there was a way to make a sequel that was as fascinating and strange as the first movie, I personally would be interested. Going back to your very, very first question, the reason I wanted to make this movie in the first place was because I imagined myself, at age 17, going nuts for it. I felt like I was making a movie for my 17-year-old self and for the 17-year-olds out there today. I’d love to entertain the idea of a sequel.

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