Brian Austin Green Deflects Megan Fox Pregnancy Rumors

Brian Austin Green has big plans for his upcoming two-year wedding anniversary with Megan Fox. They’ll be returning to Hawaii where they tied the knot in June 2010.

“I think we’ll be going back to where we got married. That’s sort of our thing,” the actor told PEOPLE Sunday at the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience in L.A.

“Last year when we went, they had one tier of the same wedding cake that we had, and they decorated the room the same, so it was special all over again. They do it right.”

One thing the actor was less forthcoming about, though: persistent rumors that Fox, 25, is pregnant.

“They’ve been saying that every three months ever since we got married, and it’s sort of one of those things that they love to say,” Green, 38, said.“I think it’s interesting,” he added. “I think there is a part of Megan that people really love that is, at 18 she found a relationship and she stuck with it, and we’ve been together for coming on eight years now.” 

Continued Green: “It will be our two-year wedding anniversary, but we’ve been together for a long time. She doesn’t represent what people are used to seeing in a young actress.” 

Next up, the actor will star in the Fox drama pilot The Asset with Ali Larter. The show requires the two to get fairly intimate, and though he thinks filming sex scenes is “awkward,” Green said the fact that he and Larter are both married in real life actually made their onscreen romance easier. 

“It was as steamy as two married professionals can get on a set,” he said of filming sex scenes with Larter. “It was great. She’s great. I loved working with her. She’s such a professional.” 

“I’m so happy that I got to do that with someone else who was married,” he continued, “because you have a better understanding of, ‘We’re safe, let’s just do it, get it done, and get them what they need, and really be in it, and there’s no risk because I’m happily married and you’re happily married.’ ” 

Source: People

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