Brad Pitt and Megan Fox top couples fantasy ‘list’

A new study by the UK’s leading daily city deals website has revealed the top 10 famous women and men that couples would allow their other half to sleep with and not perceive it as being unfaithful, more commonly known as ‘the list’.

The study by asked 1,198 couples across the UK which celebrities their spouse would allow them to be intimate with, without classing it as cheating.
According to the research 1 in 3, 32%, of the respondents admit to having a tongue-in-cheek ‘list’ of celebrities that they are ‘allowed’ to sleep with whilst in their relationship.
Topping the poll for men is Megan Fox with 72% of the male respondents admitting she is top of their list. Brad Pitt is the most popular celebrity for women, with 69% of the women asked saying he features on their list of celebs their boyfriend would allow them to sleep with.

When asked the multiple-answer question ‘which of the below celebrities feature on your ‘list’ of celebrities that you are allowed to sleep with whilst in your relationship?’ below are the top 10 most popular answers from the male respondents:

1. Megan Fox – 72%
2. Jennifer Aniston – 69%
3. Beyonce Knowles – 68%
4. Jessica Alba – 66%
5. Angelina Jolie – 64%
6. Cheryl Cole – 62%
7. Katy Perry – 59%
8. Nicole Scherzinger – 57%
9. Christina Aguilera – 55%
10. Rihanna – 53%

Source: PR Log

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