Will Megan Fox Join the Cast of Fifty-Nine in 84?

“Field of Dreams,” “The Natural,” “Eight Men Out” and “Pride of the Yankees” are proof that moviegoers love a great baseball yarn. The newest entry in the field is “Fifty-nine in ’84,” the story of Hall of Fame pitcher Old Hoss Radbourn and the greatest season a pitcher ever had.

“It’s a love story, a gritty tale of overcoming terrible adversity, a true story about doing something glorious in baseball that no one will ever do again,” said Edward Achorn, author of the book. Kirker Butler, a co-executive producer and writer on Fox series “The Cleveland Show,” has optioned movie rights to the book, which is set in 1884 – when baseball stars played barehanded, drank heavily, and were considered beneath the notice of decent society.

It is also the tale of his beautiful and seductive lover, Carrie Stanhope, proprietress of a dubious boarding house. Many Web sites have speculated about Megan Fox in that role.

Source: TV Prediction

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