Will Arnett Won’t Give Megan Fox Your Number!

When Will Arnett was filming the action flick Jonah Hex, many of his friends suddenly had a greater-than-usual interest in visiting him on set.


Because the movie adaptation of the DC Comics Western hero happens to star Ms. Megan Fox…

“We were shooting in New Orleans, so it made it a little tougher for people to just come on down,” Arnett says, laughing. “But when you’re working with someone like that there’s not shortage of questions about her.

“They were like, ‘Give me her phone number,’ and like, ‘Tell her she and I are perfect for each other,’ ” added Arnett, who plays a lieutenant in the Union Army who enlists Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) to help stop a Confederate soldier (John Malkovich) from trying to fight the war again.It’s certainly a departure from the lovesick Italian artist Arnett plays opposite Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel in the soon-to-be-released When in Rome.

While Arnett appears to be taking some pretty hard falls as the accident-prone artist, he admits a stunt double was brought in for the more dangerous setups, like crashing into horse and buggy in New York City’s Central Park.

“There was no movie magic in that,” Arnett says. “He just did it and flipped over onto the pavement. It was so brutal to watch in person. He had no pads, nothing. He was banged up.”
It’s not like Arnett would have been allowed to do the stunt even if he wanted to.

“I would have been way too scared to do it, but if you saw him afterward you would see why I wasn’t allowed to do it, too,” he says. “I would have been out of commission for a week.”

Source: E Online

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  1. hello Megan this is Jamil I am 11 I I live in Minnesota I would really like you to come to my birthday in July because I would
    like to see!! you in person But I know you may be super busy but I really like you and your my favorite movie star! You can let me know if you can come but if not thats Okay

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