Tila Tequila Continues to Heal By Attacking Megan Fox on Twitter

The grieving process can take many forms. Especially, as we’re all well aware, when it comes to Tila Tequila. Still smarting from the recent untimely death of her fiancée Casey Johnson, the former A Shot at Love star made a major breakthrough in the healing process early this morning, by eviscerating Transformers beauty Megan Fox on her Twitter account.

Apparently, Fox had made some unflattering remarks about Tequila recently in the press—for what reason, we have no idea—and Tila, quite naturally, was mildly displeased. And so, with the sense of perspective that the loss of a loved one often brings, Tequila calmly sat down to issue the following well-reasoned rebuke (typos retained for flavor): 

“Megan Fox. I saw UR interview trashing me. Im flattered but Keep my name out of UR d*cksucking mouth No wonder u got cut in Trasnformer! lol”

Oh, and also,

“Its ur trashing talking that only got u like 2 seconds in Transformers 2! Keep making low budget movies. Keep my name out of ur mouth bitch.”

And then,

“Suck C*ck Megan Fox even talked sh*t about the Director that MADE HER! Calling him a Hitler?? oh Michael Bay I’ll slap her for you for free!”

And so the circle of life continues…

Source: Celebuzz


  1. Those were probably the worst combacks Ever.
    Tila saying that just made herself look bad. and the spelling mistakes were the icing on the cake.

  2. I disagree with you that those were the worst comebacks because what else could she have said back?? i’m asian and i’m a megan fox fan but why did she talk shit about tequila in the first place??? i totally agree with tequila’s last remark- michael bay made megan!!

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