The 10 Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2010: Jonah Hex

Let’s face it, every year there’s only a handful of movies that everyone who dares call himself a fanboy is dying to see. 2010 is no exception, with titles like “Iron Man 2?, “Prince of Persia”, and “Jonah Hex” on the slate, to name just three. Here is our extremely early preview of the 10 movies you should be keeping an eye on and we’ll be following very closely ahead of their Summer 2010 launch. Some are more fanboyish than others, but they’re all definitely intriguing.

9. Jonah Hex (June 18)
Serious actor guy Josh Brolin slips on the comic book movie boots for an old fashioned Wild West showdown — complete with a trampy Megan Fox and a villainous John Malkovich in the sidecar. Tell me you ain’t tempted and I’m calling you a liar. The film hit a bump or two on its road to being realized, but one thing’s for sure — it’s going to prove Josh Brolin’s bankability as a movie star. He’s either a very good actor, period, or he’s a good actor who also happens to be a movie star. “Jonah Hex” will tell the tale. And besides, how long has it been since we’ve been treated to a good ol fashion Western shoot’em up with a Hollywood budget? Throw in some supernatural curve balls and the film’s comic book roots, and like the leading man’s face, there won’t be a whole lot of “typical” in this one, folks.

Source: Beyond Hollywood

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