Super-Geeks Crown Megan Fox Sci-Fi Queen

Science fiction superfans Saturday evening crowned Megan Fox the queen of their film genre, honoring the hottie actress along with a group of her sci-fi peers at Spike TV’s “Scream 2009” festival for their contributions to the zombie-loving world of sci-fi.

Fox took home the award for best sci-fi actress for her work in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” while “True Blood” notched four awards, winning best TV show, best villain, and best horror actor and actress for real-life lovers Steven Moyer and Anna Paquin.

“Twilight” also won two top honors at the ceremony, picking up awards for best fantasy film and breakout performance for star Taylor Lautner. Lautner also presented at the Spike TV show a reel of world-premiere footage of the newest “Twilight” installment, “New Moon.”

The star-studded ceremony was attended by a host of film, TV and music celebrities including Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Harrison Ford, Justin Long and Christina Ricci, all of whom presented awards at the show.

Johnny Depp also made a guest appearance, presenting Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards with the Scream 2009 Rock Immortal award.

The ceremony also featured special sci-fi performances, including the creepy opening number, which featured a larger-than-life snow globe with two trapped zombie children inside, one of whom slashed her throat while the other began bleeding from the neck.

“Scream 2009” will air as a two-hour special Oct. 27 on Spike TV.

Source: NBC LA

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