Source: Megan Fox Would “Never” Have Done Transformers 3

The truth may set you free, but it also might not get you invited back to Michael Bay’s movie set.

Despite Megan Fox’s poor choice of words, the sentiment behind them was dead-on. Sources close to both Megan and Bay are confirming just how terrible the situation was for the smokin’ star and the hot-headed director.

Read on for the dirty behind-the-scenes deets:

“Megan only got $800,000 for Transformers 2,” claims a robot-flick insider very familiar with Fox’s personal and professional dealings. “I heard her say she only got $800,000 several times, and, I guarantee you, that’s why she didn’t do the third one. She wanted more money.”While Megan may not have been paid equal to, say, Shia LaBeouf, another source tells us the money stuff isn’t true.

“She got paid way more than that,” says a close Fox friend and ally. “This was never about money. It’s always been how she was treated as a human being, it just wasn’t good.”

No discrepancy on that from our Transformers source—like, at all:

“[Megan] would constantly complain about having to go to work, she never wanted to do it,” dishes the franchise know-it-all. “Bay would constantly scream at her. He would scream at everyone, but especially Megan. Imagine a really, really bitchy grandmother on the set, and that’s what Michael Bay is like.”

Calls to reps for both Bay and Fox have not been returned, as yet.

M.B. certainly has the reputation around town of being very hard to work for, especially if you’re a woman.

Our Transformers insider says Megan told him: “All [Bay] wants to do is shoot my ass and my tits, I hate him!'”

While Megan’s mouthing-off ways may helped seal her Transformers 3 fate, our Fox insider adds Megan would have “never” gone back, anyway. “Not the way she was treated.”

You know what, girlfriend, if Bay was that much of a pain to work for you’re better off, right?

“She’s incredibly happy right now,” adds Megan’s pal, “she just celebrated her birthday at Matsuhisa, she was more gorgeous than she’s ever been.”

As you should be, babe! On the bright side, aren’t the third flicks on these franchises even more hideous than the second? You won’t have any problem finding roles, we heard you just had two over the weekend!

Source: E Online

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