‘Ninja Turtles’ and Megan Fox looking to earn at the box office superheroes

 Amid the fever of living cinema superheroes like C apitán America , Iron Man  or X-Men “, the Ninja Turtles  arrive ready to claim their space with a plot dotted with humor and explosive starring Megan Fox.

“There is room for a little more crazy antiheroes” said director Jonathan Liebesman during a recent press conference in Los Angeles to introduce the film, which opens this Friday in Mexico, the United States and most of Latin America.

These turtles make “a parody of superheroes” and the only goal of the film “is to entertain, with no other intention,” said South African filmmaker.

In the film, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo-whose names pay tribute to artists of the Renaissance will try to stop the gangFoot Clan , led by the monster Shredder , threatening the city of New York.

The four reptiles have the help of journalist April O’Neil, played by Fox and TV camera and Vernon suitor, played by Will Arnett. 

Liebesman said that Guardians of the Galaxy , a comedy sci-fi about a band of anti-heroes created by Marvel and produced by Disney, achieved “very good numbers” in its first weekend in theaters in the United States, referring to the 94 million dollars raised, the third biggest opening of the year.

“We are going to do the same this weekend,” forward.

Megan Fox, controversy

The franchise of the Ninja Turtles , born comic book created in 1983 by Kevin Eastman and Peter cartoonists Laird, has given rise to several animated films, video games and a troop of enraged fans. 

Liebesman wants to give a more “black” to the story of the four turtles tone and a touch of modernity thanks to the latest in special effects such as 3D technology or Performance Capture . 

Fist fights and machetes occur in the deepest and remote stages of New York, while Arnett handles the humor with jokes adolescents. 

Fox, meanwhile, is determined to make her character believable sexy journalist who is not taken seriously by his evil boss, Bernadette Thompson, played by comic Whoopi Goldberg.

When April tells him that he has discovered four mutant turtles, her boss can not help asking incredulously: “But you have no proof?”. “They’re ninjas,” replies the journalist who ends up being fired.

The actress wants to show her acting skills go beyond showing a perfect body. “Megan Fox has more to offer than their looks,” defended the film’s director. 

Asked about the provocative clothing worn in most of his films, the artist said that this type of costume “has always been part of the lives of the actresses in Hollywood.”

“If I do not consider because I wear a tight top, it’s your fucking problem,” Fox snapped, visibly upset. 

About the fans who have criticized this adaptation of the famous turtles, the actress replied: “They complain, but they’ll love it and if they do not like to fuck.” 

Source: Mexico CNN / Translated via Google Translate

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