New Megan Fox In Turkey Interview

SABA TÜMER: Hi Megan how are you? It’s your First Time in Turkey, came yesterday. How did you know about Turkey before, what do you expect, and what did you see?
MEGAN FOX: we already knew something about Turkey. For example, the world’s oldest temple on the place where you have not so far away even now.
SABA TÜMER: Is the proposal for this research did you do commercials or before, you know?
MEGAN FOX: Much in advance because I knew I saw a show called”Ancient”Alliens. It sounds stupid, but the show is coming alakalıydı pyramids temples. And I watched a special section about this temple. Now I can not pronounce it, but “Peak Göbekli”
SABA TÜMER: Archaeology and history Do you read many books, I think you care?
MEGAN FOX: I really take my hand not reading the book takes. I-pad’ımden book I am reading.
SABA: How do you like Istanbul? Did you go shopping? Able to look the taste of traditional Turkish cuisine?
MEGAN FOX: If you had the opportunity to do them all today. I want to see go Kapalıçarşıya and mosques. I want to taste traditional meals as soon as possible. No I did not expect this to happen. The town is Istanbul, but I thought I have here a large urbanization and industry. Everywhere there are many buildings did not expect it.
SABA: So now you come to work later as a tourist want to come?
MEGAN FOX: Yes, I would love. Also want to bring my husband. Each lot with her want to wander.
SABA: Speaking of your husband how you get a marriage proposal?
MEGAN FOX: It had been previously. It was not great and romantic.
SABA: I think as a woman got married on the beach than I thought, that the marriage proposal of marriage on the beach very original. He asked why.
MEGAN FOX: He offers to marry me when I was 19 I turned 20 I was more recent. I came home from work one day was very tiring. He was sitting on the sofa and took me a ring. Can I get married and she asked him. There was nothing gaudy.
SABA: What about the private life? private life of a woman in the world-famous, but you definitely want to protect? How dengeliyorsun? I heard that after the plane touches bottom ber paparaziler always.
MEGAN FOX: Very difficult situations such as this one he heard the news recently, however, had a friend next to me, whereas gezdiriyormuşum dublörümü me looked like to me. Many çıkmıyorum out.Paparazilerden can not go places because of the trend. We spend time at home alone with my husband.
SABA: So you would be in a kid would think was a very famous actress.
MEGAN FOX: Yes, I thought a lot of people thought that this industry but I did it. I did not know why I thought this kid is still in the I do not know.
SABA: Everyone can make fun, but everyone can not be star. Why do you think you star been so.
MEGAN FOX: I think that God is relevant. Kaderdi completely.
SABA: Your mother did not want you to be an actress, but you so you güçlüymüşsün you know that you’ve continued on the road.
MEGAN FOX: worried at first because we came to a very small space. Things like that would not have been there. But it was not discouraging. Later was a lot of support. Obstinately I went and did.
SABA: Do you take pride in you right now?
MEGAN FOX: Yes, very
SABA: NAPT their first money?
MEGAN FOX: I put the bank. We have never spent a lot of money in a human am not. For people like myself do not like spending money I like to spend. I began to spend the money I won the first Bryn’la. Cars and motorcycles took him. He hated her expensive gifts almamdan but I was loved.
SABA: is an actress Did you come up to life again?
MEGAN FOX: No, I would not be
SABA: Why?
MEGAN FOX: She had not been, i go back to school I’d be an archaeologist.
SABA: d be admired as a child to whom?
MEGAN FOX: When I was little up to Judy Garland fan. Esther Williams, he is a singer, swimmer and aktrisdi. O. The only actress I can recall a very long time ago Almışımdır always sit back enjoy watching.
SABA: celebrities tattoos much as you do. How many have a tattoo?
MEGAN FOX: I have 8 units ..
SABA: Just see it.
MEGAN FOX: Yes, but it sildiriyorum.
SABA: Why?
MEGAN FOX: Marlyn Monroe’ydu. 18’imde’ve done I do not want anymore.
SABA: I guess you do not want to move the arm had a bad life?
MEGAN: I certainly
SABA: a very thin woman, do not eat anything?
MEGAN FOX: I’ll eat my mother always type in a very petite woman. The characterization of different
I did a lot for the diet.
SABA: I heard you’ve done a diet lost eyebrows and eyelashes correct?
MEGAN FOX: No, but I have not lost so much weight that I gave my hair and fingernails was not healthy. Ostrejene body needs.
SABA: How old were you?
MEGAN FOX: A few years ago. ‘ve Done it for health, but more came.
SABA: Now what are you doing?
MEGAN FOX: I eat 5 meals a day in small portions. I eat meat I’m not a vegetarian. My favorite thing I really like Italian ravioli dish.
SABA: You are eating a day, a day eat not from what I understand.
MEGAN FOX: No, I am eating all the time. Such as genetic.
SABA: How do you weigh?
MEGAN FOX: 50-60 cross.
SABA: I was very pleased.
MEGAN FOX: I’ve been very satisfied with

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