New Girl Same-Sex Scoop: Megan Fox’s Character Has a History With [Spoiler]

When Megan Fox first boarded New Girl‘s upcoming fifth season, it was said that her character would “shake things up” upon arriving in the loft.

And Hannah Simone (aka Cece) wants you to know that description is very accurate.

See, when Fox’s Reagan — a gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep — shows up in Los Angeles, viewers will quickly learn that she once had a fling with Schmidt’s new fiancée.

“The first episode that they wrote for Megan revealed that my character and her character had a bit of a romantic past,” Simone tells TVLine. “By the end of that first episode, they’re in the shower together. So yes, her character definitely shakes things up.”

And according to Fox, Schmidt won’t respond well to news of  Cece’s girl-on-girl backstory.

“Schmidt has a very difficult time dealing with that because he’s so insecure and possessive of her,” Fox teases. “I have to break him out of the rut.”

Rest easy, Schmidt: From what we’ve heard, Reagan will have her eye on Nick, not Cece, when she moves in.

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