Motorola Responds to Megan Fox ‘Thumb Double’ Accusations

In a surprising development that is tearing up the blogosphere and confusing men everywhere, Megan Fox may or may not have used a body double for her Motorola Super Bowl ad.

But not for her body, really — for her thumbs. If you haven’t heard, Fox has a genetic condition called “brachydactyly” (or “clubbed thumb”), which refers to shortening of the fingers or toes.

The ad opens with Fox in an outdoor bathtub, naked, generally looking stunning. Then a close-up shows a person thumbing through a phone equipped with Motorola’s Blur system, before Fox snaps a picture of herself and sends it out. But a closer look at the ad, specifically the thumb that handles the phone, reveals a long, un-clubbed digit — which may not be Fox’s own.

Asylum spoke with Motorola and the ad agency, Anomaly, to get to the bottom of it. First, you be the judge: Take a look at Fox and her genuine, short thumb on the left, and thumb from the ad on the right.

In response to Asylum’s question — if Fox had a stand-in for her thumb close up — Anomaly co-founder Jason DeLand said, “I cannot confirm or deny that.”

“I’ve not heard it,” said DeLand, when asked if he had heard about Fox’s notoriously stumpy thumbs. “I’m hearing about it now … All I know is what I see and read in popular press.” Pressed further, DeLand told Asylum, “We’re only concerned with how the ad has performed, and what it’s doing for Motorola.”

In response to the same question about a possible thumb-double, Motorola spokeswoman Tracey Thiele told Asylum via email: “It’s part of our corporate policy not to comment on rumor or speculation.”

Well, you’ve seen the pictures now, which seem to offer real evidence rather than mere speculation. Here’s what some other popular sources are saying:

“In Megan Fox’s steamy Motorola commercial that aired during the Super Bowl,” writes Perez Hilton, “the actress was completely naked and felt very comfortable with her body — except for her hands! Fox has brachydactyly, a genetic condition resulting in clubbed thumbs, so when the camera closed up [sic] on her hand holding the phone, she enlisted someone else’s digits.” shares that view and suggested that the stand-in was Fox’s idea: “The seemingly-perfect Megan has a shocking secret — she used a thumb double! Megan requested a model with a second set of perfectly manicured nails to replace hers.”

“Rather than use her actual thumbs for the close-up on the new Blur smart phone,” writes The Daily Mail, “Motorola enlisted a hand model.”

You’ve seen the evidence, now what do you think? Is the Motorola thumb an imposter?


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