Megan Fox’s Man “Cursing” Over Shia LaBeouf Fling

Megan Fox’s hubby Brian Austin Green has allegedly vowed to “punch Shia LaBeouf’s lights out” after the actor revealed he had an on-set fling with his wife.

As we previously reported, LaBeouf admitted to Details magazine that himself and Megan were romantically involved during their time shooting the Transformers movies.

He also confessed that he didn’t know whether Fox was dating Austin Green at the time of their relationship, saying their fling “was what it was.”

Now magazine has since reported that Megan’s man is fuming over Shia’s accusations, with an insider telling the publication: “Brian can’t believe it. He finds Shia cocky and irritating.”

“The fact that he’s bragged about having a thing with Megan is so tacky and insulting for Brian.”

They added: “Shia had better watch out. Brian’s been cursing, with good reason. It’s incredibly demeaning to Megan.”

However, Brian might not want to mess with Shia, as actor Tom Hardy has told that LaBeouf’s claims that he knocked him out during a fight while on the set of flick, The Wettest County, are true.

Hardy explained: “I got knocked out by Shia LaBeouf, actually. In Wettest County, apparently.”

“No, he did. He knocked me out sparko. Out cold. He’s a bad, bad boy. He is. He’s quite intimidating as well. He’s a scary dude.”

He continued: “He just attacked me. He was drinking moonshine. I was wearing a cardigan, and er, went down.”

Tom added that he woke up in the arms of his personal trainer, Pnut, adding: “[Pnut] was concerned for me. I was like, ‘What was that? It was lightning fast.’ And he said, ‘That was Shia.’ I said, ‘F**kin’ hell. Can we go home now?’ ‘No, we’ve still got three weeks to finish.”

We guess Tom is not so hard after all…

Source: MTV

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