Megan Fox: Why I Don’t Tweet

Taking care of a publicity appearance, Megan Fox was spotted at the Young Hollywood Studio in Los Angeles yesterday (October 11).

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hottie met with rapper Pitbull and Make-A-Wish Foundation rep Wilfredo Paredes while shutterbugs snapped up pictures.

In a recent interview, Megan explained her aversion to social media and why she’s elected not to have a Twitter account.

“I feel like it has a purpose because there are fans around the world that want to have some sort of interaction with you. But I feel like it is important to still keep some space and some distance. I honestly don’t think that I am cool enough or important enough that anyone would care about what I am doing at all hours of the day, like, ‘I just had a latte from Starbucks and now I am going to Barneys. Love me some shoes!’ Who cares?”

Source: Gossip Center

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  1. :((( I know my hero Megan Fox has this out of this world perspective towards life… but I still keep my hopes up that someday she would really create her own twitter account for whatever happens there are still people like me… her fans… who really really loves to interact with her via twitter and know what she’s up to lately to wish her luck or just you know,… 🙂 But I respect my idol’s decision

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