Megan Fox Rebels Against Evil Sex

Considering the Megan Fox nude photos that have surfaced online, it’s clear this actress is going to hell.

At least that’s what her religion taught her to believe.

“I was raised Pentecostal, which is one of the most extreme denominations of Christianity that exists. Everything is evil and wrong and will send you to hell,” Fox said in a recent interview.

These sins certainly include anything at all related to nudity and sex.

“I had lots of talks about how sex was evil, sex was bad,” she said. “I don’t ever feel sexy in small clothes. I always feel really insecure.”

It’s safe to say that Fox has done her best to overcome these fears, often posing in skin-baring outfits. Men everywhere are happy to help the star grow more and more secure.

As for her role in the upcoming movie Jennifer’s Body, Fox says the portrayal of a man-eating teenager that gets possessed by a sex-crazed spirit has been cathartic.

“I get to exercise my demons through her. She has really deep, unfriendly insecurities which I can relate to.”

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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