Megan Fox Is Highschool Hater!

Megan Fox hates herself? The ‘Transformers’ star recently revealed that she’s an ‘a**hole’, because she can relate to her ‘Jennifer’s Body’ character. Megan Fox, who plays the role of an undead cheerleader who kills, bites, scratches and eats her guy classmates because of past life grudge. Megan Fox revealed: “It wasn’t hard to get into character – I’m an a*shole. I think everybody is angry about something in their life and I just happen to be really angry and go for it.”

Megan Fox also revealed that she’s not a fan of girl BFFs because she thinks that girls are always competing with one another. Megan Fox explained: “I think girls are awful. But in their defense, I think girls are awful because of the way society is set up and that we’re forced to constantly be in competition for male attention. “We search the rest of our lives for boys to pay attention to and validate us, so no one can really be your friend if she takes attention from you.”Meanwhile, Megan Fox also revealed that she loves kissing anonymous guys, onscreen. She said: “Despite what people seem to think of me, it’s never fun kissing people you don’t know.” Megan also added that she hates high school, well, she has a reason. “I hated high school. It’s a negative experience for everybody, even the popular girls or the ones who seem as if they’re part of the ‘in’ crowd. I think they’re probably miserable and plagued with insecurities.”

Source: Sassy Qarla

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