Megan Fox Dating Shia LaBeouf Behind Brian’s Back

Tabloids agree that there is something more between the two than meets the eye.

Sources speak of obvious chemistry, secret dating between Megan Fox and co-star Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf could actually be considered by the overwhelming majority of the male population of the planet the luckiest man to ever live and breathe. Not only did he get to share the same set and lock lips with one of the most beautiful female stars of the moment, Megan Fox, but he might actually be dating her behind her boyfriend’s back, The National Enquirer and Star agree.

Both tabloids are now running similar stories on Shia and Megan in their print issues, saying that the two have actually been getting very close in recent weeks, up to the point of being head over heels in love right now. Megan, however, is still Brian Austin Green’s official girlfriend and she’s having a very hard time telling him they need to split because, for one, she seems unable to choose between the two, sources are telling the Enquirer.“Megan is torn between Brian and Shia right now. She loves Brian’s maturity and the life they’ve built together. But she and Shia have gotten much closer in recent weeks. His patience and persistence are winning her over. There’s definitely serious chemistry there.” the tab quotes an unnamed spy as saying. Apparently, the two first noticed they had more than just a friendship while still shooting for the first “Transformers” movie, and Shia’s accident only brought them closer together.

Star’s (also anonymous) source seems to be telling the same story: the two co-stars are in love and don’t know how to go about making their relationship public, granted this is what they want in the first place. “Brian can be such a stick-in-the-mud; he takes life so seriously and can be difficult to be around. Shia gets Megan to be more relaxed and carefree. As their filming days on the sequel decreased, she made excuses to see Shia. They recently spent a few days together in Burbank and Venice Beach, just talking. They’re getting closer every day!” Star writes.

In recent weeks, both Shia and Megan have been gushing about each other during interviews, and the two tabs also use this as an argument for their “secretly dating” respective stories. Nevertheless, several US media outlets are pointing out, accepting this as a viable argument would mean ignoring that LaBeouf and Fox are currently promoting their second film together, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” so they’re bound by contract to speak nicely of working on it and with each other.

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