Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Reunite in L.A. as Cory Monteith Plays It Cold

We’ve been wondering when our favorite, too-hot married couple, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, were going to warmly reunite. She’s been on the East Coast filming her new flick, Friends With Kids, while her man—who plays Keith Watson on Desperate Housewives—stays out West.

The former 90210er actually jetted out to New York earlier in the weekend to visit Megan on the set, but those freezing temperatures just didn’t work for them: A source tells us the duo were spotted at the French Market in Santa Monica yesterday keeping things cozy.

Looks like Presidents’ Day weekend the few familiar faces closer to home:

Fox, in her standard baseball cap and sans makeup combo, looked totally recognizable alongside boyishly handsome Brian.Weirdly, the rest of the greater Los Angeles area didn’t see the couple’s everyday, paparazzi-hiding getups as well as we do because nobody pointed them out. Well, expect for one lone female fan who walked up to the pair to gab about life in the semi-recognizable lane.

Of course, Megs and Brian were über into the attention they got, (well, she was, at least), but someone a little less thrilled about fan attention this weekend was Glee star Cory Monteith, whom, apparently, you all can’t get enough of! But poor put-upon Finn didn’t feel like reciprocating any love yesterday.

The cutesy (or so we thought) Canadian-born actor was flying first class on an Alaskan flight from Vancouver to L.A., and a grandmother in coach passed up a note for the TV star asking if her Gleek of a granddaughter could get an autograph. Monteith didn’t react how we imagined.

Instead of carting his fine ass right back to graciously greet the anxious fan, the too-cool dude passed back a signed CD with absolutely no interaction. How sad! How wrong! And we thought he was the good guy on the set.

Hmmm, shall we just call it a bad day for cutie Cory?

Source: E Online

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