Megan Fox Admits She is A Cannibal

Megan Fox is a cannibal and she has even admitted it! She is in fact possessed by some weird soul and often entice handsome guys to bed before eating part of them and one very foolish paparazzi was able to take a snap shot of her just after she had eaten the gut of one of the guys.

I am of course talking about the movie Jennifer’s Body in which Megan Fox plays the role of a possessed teenager who love to eat the bodies of handsome young boys of her college. However something which Megan Fox recently said to the media, makes the whole thing funny.

“I loved all the blood and guts, I loved beating up all the boys and biting them. Despite what people seem to think of me, it’s never fun kissing people you don’t know. But killing them? I loved it” said Megan Fox.

Jennifers Body is a movie in which Megan Fox plays the role of a possessed teen and enjoy a killing spree for eating the popular guys. Sound cool. Megan Fox looks really hot (I mean it this time!) in her vampiric look. I always loved vampires (the female ones) and the role is just too good.By the way did you know that Megan Fox hated school? Specially the teenage years. Well she said it herself.

“I hated high school. It’s a negative experience for everybody, even the popular girls or the ones who seem as if they’re part of the ‘in’ crowd. I think they’re probably miserable and plagued with insecurities.”

And the most personal part that most of her fans do not know is:

“When we first came to LA, we were really poor and lived off instant noodles. I once had a date with this guy and I wanted to shave my legs, but we had no razor. I had a fight with my mom because she said we didn’t have the money for it. That’s pretty broke. I never take anything for granted.”

Well finally I think I am starting to like Megan Fox more than Angelina Jolie. Angelina has always been my favorite but it seems that I do not like things which are too artificial and fake high classed! Megan is hot, she is rude and she is frank. If your face s*cks big time, she’ll tell you.

“I can’t control what people think of me,” she says. “People say I’m dumb and all sorts of nasty things. But you know what? F*ck them.”

I particularly like this last part. Makes me remember that blog Shayus and how proud-mongers were feeling targeted. Oh forget that my dear readers, it was something funny that occurred some time ago. Anyway back to Megan Fox, Jennifer’s body is for sure going to attract guys like bees. Who is that guy who will not feel jealous seeing Megan eating another one. (Disclaimer: I wont..but you do).

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