1. love you when needed you can try my love befor the start i became boom as the news comes and go tranform not soo lame let your letter come on in there for you gave me a bit that could rely on if i die well you fire me like oil over one spot as we go you will learn that once ant enough togeather we will ride see texas is bangin could you break the spell of the sleeping beaty hand me a ciggrette or just such on blown out kiss

  2. only for once can you break the injection between us see for you your faouse and im just yesk for second i sit on true love if i call home not one dark path of a ring this how i end and fill tell my life come too too truth on so hay hay my life has no answer too the star trying too dance on the side of us tell then try me because i fell in luv with you jennifer body wtf are you think fantastic the thing you do my my will i end up with you

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