Is Megan Fox making the move into music?

Who knew Megan Fox was such a renaissance woman? The brunette stunner has already taken the fashion and movie world by storm, but her upcoming hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live” may just demonstrate the she has the chops to make a name for herself in the music industry as well. Not only is she hosting, but FOX will also be performing with one of the world’s biggest rock bands, U2. What’s more, Bono even expressed his excitement that Fox would be lending her musical talents to his show. At U2’s 360 tour stop in East Rutherford, NJ Thursday, FOX411 spies heard him make quite an announcement.“SNL is gonna be good this week,” Bono told the roaring crowd. “Megan Fox will be on the tambourine and that’s a good thing.” Ok, so let’s face it, she probably won’t be the next addition to U2 – after all, how many world-famous tambourine players do you know? But then again, how many look like Megan Fox! Source: Entertainment Fox News

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