Exclusive: Is Megan Fox going naked for ‘Jonah Hex’?

This morning we posted the ‘Jennifer’s Body’ review sent in to us from a reader so we now know that there is NO NUDE scene in the film. Well I jumped back into my inbox and I received an email from an “insider” stating this:

If they want to see Megan Fox naked, just wait til Jonah Hex

Could that be true?! Is Megan Fox choosing NOT to do nudity for ‘Jennifer’s Body’ but will do it for ‘Jonah Hex’? What do you guys think? When I heard that she was playing Leila the “gun wielding prostitute”, I was immediately crushed at the thought that she wouldn’t be naked in the film. This news brings a WHOLE new realm of possibilities for the ‘Jonah Hex’ adaptation… well not really, but its pretty exciting anyways!

Although I can not reveal the identity of this “insider” I can tell you that this person has been right about everything they have sent me in the past.

Source: Weare Movie Geeks

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