Cheryl Cole Girl Crushes on Megan Fox

The X Factor judge also told Beyonce that she loves her

Cheryl Cole reckons Megan Fox is the hot celebrity who really does have it all.

The X Factor judge named the Transformers star when asked about her girl crush.

‘She’s so beautiful,’ says Cheryl. ‘I love what she wears and oh my God, she’s so perfect looking.’

Cheryl, 26, is also a huge fan of Beyonce Knowles, 27.

‘I am obsessed with Beyonce, I promise you,’ she admits. ‘When I met her I turned into an absolute gabbling fool. I was so embarrassed…‘I just gabbled out this whole load of rubbish. “You are what every woman should aspire to be, you are amazing, I love you!”

‘Her mum was there and she must have thought I was a weirdo. I wanted to be cool and all like, “Hi B, how’s it going?” But oh no!’

Source: Now Magazine

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