Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox protests against CA education budget cuts in an extraordinary way

Parents at Wonderland Avenue Elementary in Laurel Canyon have discovered an innovative way to protest against proposed education cuts from the state budget.

They decided to make a video and asked Brian Austin Green whose son, too, stars in the same school to feature in it. Green also got his girlfriend actress Megan Fox to star in it.

This four minute video named as “Hot for Teachers “was released on Funny or Die, a viral comedy video site, on Wednesday.

The site of this video California Elementary school which has lots of kids but the required number of teachers is not there. The school also does not have enough nurse and janitorial staff.

At the end of the video both Fox and Green request the viewers to visit the website for more information and sign the petition. Fox also makes a request call, write, and annoy the governor until he cries for his mommy.

They have also planned to send the petition to the Governor’s office on April 21, 2010. site features many other popular videos. Since people tend to give more attention to what celebrities say, it must be appreciated that Green and Fox addressed this important issue and urged people to do something about it.

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  1. Maybe Miss Fox and Mr green should take some of the millions they have made and donate them directly to schools instead of forcing already strapped tax payers to continue to pay unbelievable benefits to teachers who don’t educate and only work about half of the year, and are over paid much like legislators,who also do very little for the sums they are paid.I don’t think teachers were a field where you were supposed to become wealthy much like legislators so cut the pay and benefits and less teachers would have to go.

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