Brian Austin Green “Megan Is Wonderful To My Son”

When it comes to his love Brian Austin Green doesn’t have much to complain about. Not only is Megan Fox drop dead gorgeous but she has a heart of gold too. The actor boasted recently about how Megan is such a wonderful stepmother to his son ‘Kassius.’

The former “Beverly Hills 90210″ actor has ‘Kassius’ from a previous relationship and admits the beautiful actress plays a huge role in the little boy’s life, reports

“I’m the daddy and I remind my son that I’m not around just to be his friend. I’m here to steer him in the right direction and teach him lessons that I’ve learned and help him become a man. I’m totally learning as I go. But, to be honest, Megan has been just so helpful and instrumental in raising him,” he said.

It also seems Megan is a hit with other people’s kids too. When she filmed the ‘funny or die’ segment for schools here’s what happened:

It would become sort of a parade at times. They’d follow around behind her and say things like, ‘You’re so pretty.’ She wore some everyday thing. But you could wrap her in foil and she’d look hot,” Brian said.

Source: Pynk Celebrity

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