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Ahlan! Live talks to Megan Fox in Abu Dhabi as she launches LG’s 3D TV

Dressed in black cigarette pants, a black lace long sleeve top, with gold jewellery, a slick of black nail varnish and hair thrown back into a casual up-style, Megan Fox, although covered up from head to toe, oozed every inch of her sex symbol status when she arrived in the capital today (6 June).

In Abu Dhabi for the launch of LG’s new 3D televisions, Megan arrived at Ferrari World, clinging to her hubby Brian Austin Green’s hand.

Ahlan! Live’s Shannon Wylie was there and spoke to Megan about Transformers, her favourite starring role and her hottest co-stars.

“The hottest co-star… I guess that the majority of women would think that is Josh Duhamel,” Megan spilled while Brian sat in silence. We can just picture the two of them bursting out of the screen in the 3D version of Transformers now (sigh)!

Still a fan of the movie that made her famous, Megan insisted that Transformers would be a hot choice on the box. “Obviously any of the Transformers movies are going to look incredible in 3D.” We agree!

Despite insisting that she doesn’t watch her own movies in 2D let alone in 3D, because she gets “embarrassed”, Megan didn’t need to think twice about which film she would watch given the chance. “I think Jennifer’s Body would be interesting in 3D because I eat people in that and it would be strange and frightening and exciting all at the same time.”

We’re sure all our male readers would agree…

Source: Ah Lan LIVE!

Megan Fox arrives in Abu Dhabi

American actress Megan Fox’s visit to Abu Dhabi on Monday. The American actress is in the emirate to launch a new range of 3D TV sets.

2:23pm: Brunette bombshell Megan Fox will be at Ferrari world from 5pm for a public event, but is already enthralling the media at a press conference this morning. tabloid!’s Lauren Fraser is reporting live from the event.

12:30pm: Megan Fox has one of the LG cinema 3D TVs at home and thinks her stepson will like it. On another note, she says she “welcomes [the LG tv] with open arms” when asked if she thinks it will enhance her status as a sex symbol.

Find it hard to watch some of Fox’s films? You’re not alone. She just admitted she doesn’t watch herself in 2D, so definitely won’t in 3D.

Talking care to talk up her own movies – even though she’s no longer in the franchise, having been replaced for Transformers 3 by Rosie Huntindon-Whitely – Megan Fox says any of the Transformers movies would look incredible in 3D, as would her box-office bomb Jennifer’s Body. We’re sure fans of the curvy beauty would hasten to agree.

12pm:  Megan Fox is wearing an all-black ensemble consisting of a black lace top and trousers. Effortlessly stylish and chic. She looks stunning. Her hair is up and the overall look is understated.

She is with her husband Brian Austin Green and they are holding hands.

LG Cinema 3D, the TV sets that Fox is promoting on Monday, is being launched in the UAE and Africa. They are “at the edge of their competitors” and “revolutionary”.

Source: GulfNews