Angelina Jolie Blasts Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie has told the world what she thinks of Megan Fox!

According to Life & Style magazine, the Tomb Raider star was recently asked what she thought of people comparing the Transformers actress to her.

Jolie — who raises six children with Brad Pitt — allegedly replied, “Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

Fox, 23, was recently tipped to steal Jolie’s leading role in the next Tomb Raider film. Angelina was said to be furious.

“Angie was intent on reprising her role,” a source recently told British newspaper The Sun. “She feels it’s something she helped define and feels robbed that it looks likely to be handed to someone who she considers less capable than her.

“Angie isn’t a fan of the Transformers films and believes Megan won’t do the Lara Croft character justice. She’s also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style.”

“Angelina,” is firing back, added the source, “she is collaborating on a concept with a new sexy female action character which will absolutely blow Megan out of the water.”

Megan, meanwhile, can’t stop talking about Angelina.

“Every time a relationship ends, I say, ‘If I could just be Angelina’s girlfriend, I would be so happy,’” she has said.

“I love Angelina Jolie. She’s someone I admire and look up to. She’s my favorite actress in Hollywood. I just love that she’s incredibly honest, and I feel that she’s not afraid to be herself. She tells you exactly what’s on her mind.”

Source: Showbiz Spy

Megan Fox only hangs out with boys

Megan Fox has revealed that she does not get along with girls too much and so has more boys as friends.

“I actually only had one girlfriend growing up. Most of my friends were boys. I was such a tomboy. I always enjoyed doing guy things,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Britain’s Heat magazine.

She said: “So I really didn’t get along with the girls in that aspect. My one girlfriend lives in Florida and she works in a mall. She’s the furthest thing from an actress.”

Fox has admitted in the past that she was not in good terms with Lindsay Lohan during the shoot of Disney hit Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Source: Indian Express