Megan Fox under fire for No-Botox claim

Cosmetic doctors dispute the claim by actress Megan Fox that photos she published last week are proof that she is not using Botox.

Some doctors said the photos show a face in which the effects of Botox injections are slowly wearing off. Many others said one photo (top right) displays such unnatural wrinkle patterns that the image apparently has been digitally altered.

“Looks like Megan is just as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment,” said plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of New York. “Those lines on her forehead are totally fake. … Muscles in the forehead and brow simply don’t create curved wrinkles like that. The wrinkles Megan is showing us don’t coincide with brow anatomy, nor do they match the facial expression she is making.”

Dermatologist Dr. Vince Afsahi of Tustin and Newport Beach said, “The photo looks altered. The muscles in the forehead do not usually create an arc-like pattern seen in the photo. … Anatomically [it] does not make sense.”

Dermatologic surgeon Dr. David Sire of Fullerton said, “I have never seen the frontalis [forehead] muscle do this unless the muscle was surgically cut. It appears as if she is frowning and elevating her brow at the same time. Quite a feat!”

Source: OC Register

Megan Fox Shooting “The Dictator” Movie on 07/11 Hi Res Photos

I’ve added new high quality filming photos of Megan Fox onlocation of her new film, “The Dictator” on July 11, 2011. The film set to release next year. Megan looks absolutely beautiful as usual.

Megan Fox “mostly” eats raw foods

The brunette beauty – who is married to Brian Austin Green – has a strict healthy eating regime, and makes sure she sits down for a meal five times a day alongside vitamin and mineral supplements.

She said: “I eat five times a day and don’t diet, but I do eat healthily – mostly raw and vegan food with no dairy.

“It’s not always possible with travel and filming, but I try.

“I also take supplements like silica and fish oil religiously.”

Megan believes femininity is an “attitude” and thinks beauty comes from “simplicity and elegance”.

She told Marie Claire magazine: “My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance and sensuality.

“I think that when a woman is in harmony with herself and remains true to her values, she will glow naturally. Femininity doesn’t depend on what you wear or how you look. It’s an attitude.”

Source: NDTV

Megan Fox wanted blonde hair

Actress Megan Fox has admitted she has always wanted to be blonde.

The 25-year-old brunette beauty says she was jealous of people who had blonde hair because she though it looked more ‘exotic’.

The Hollywood star, who is married to Brian Austin Green, told Marie Claire magazine:‘I always wanted to be blonde when I was little, like Barbie and Pamela Anderson, but it would really damage my hair.

‘It was exotic to me, as my entire family has dark hair. If I did it, I would go white blonde, really platinum.’

Source: Monsters & Critics