Surprisingly small Megan Fox

Megan Fox goes unnoticed in public because people don’t realise how short she is.

The ‘Transformers’ beauty often remains anonymous when she goes out because everyone expects her to be a statuesque brunette.

She is quoted as saying: “People don’t realise just how short I am. People always think I am taller so a lot of the time I go unnoticed because I am way down closer to the floor and everyone is looking for a taller girl. They think I am 5ft 10ins, but actually I am 5ft 4ins.”

Megan is not the only celebrity to go unrecognised when she is in public.

‘Lost’ star Dominic Monaghan recently revealed he wears a disguise when he goes out as he doesn’t always have time to stop and talk to fans. Continue reading Surprisingly small Megan Fox

Megan Fox: I’m Sick of Angelina Jolie Comparisons

Megan Fox is the new Angelina Jolie. Megan Fox looks like a younger Angelina Jolie. Megan Fox is as promising an actress as Angelina Jolie was when she was younger. These are the average headlines in glossy magazines and even on celebrity blogs and, quite frankly, the “Transformers” stunner is sick of the comparisons, as she says in a recent interview with Pop Tarts for Fox News.

The young actress has spoken before of how much it annoys her to be compared to someone with whom she basically has little in common, and, in the process, not be considered for her own worth. The media is taking some physical resemblances a bit too far, Fox believes, and it’s hurtful and annoying. She is her own person and would like to be seen as such, and not as some younger version of an actress who has already proved her worth. Continue reading Megan Fox: I’m Sick of Angelina Jolie Comparisons

Seth Rogen Talks About Being Rejected by Megan Fox

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Seth Rogen relives his first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2007 when Megan Fox was also a guest (it was her very first talk show).

Seth, 27, recounts the painful memory where he tried to offer a friendly kiss to Megan as she entered the studio and she blatantly rejected him.

Check out the clip of Seth reliving the embarrassment all over again!

Megan Fox wants to date a geek

After dating a fire fighter and actors, model-turned-actress Megan Fox is looking forward to date a geek.

The 23-year-old revealed that she is scared of being single after splitting from her fianc Brian Austin Green and now wants to get into a relationship with a nerdy guy, reported

“They are more appreciative of what you do, she said.

Earlier she was linked to David Gallagher and before joining Hollywood she was dating Ben Leahy, a fire fighter.

Source: Taragana

Megan Fox banned from men’s websites for a day

A number of men’s websites have declared a temporary ‘Megan Fox media blackout’ to give another starlet a share of the limelight. Any mention of the stunning Jonah Hex actress is to be banned for one day

It’s turning out to be a bad week for Megan Fox.

Despite being among the sexiest women in the world, it seems some men have reached saturation point.

With the Transformers actress rarely out of the public eye, several men’s websites have called for a ban on mentioning Megan for a day, according to reports.

The news comes after Megan’s co-star Josh Brolin in her new film Jonah Hex revealed sex scenes with her were “uncomfortable”.

Access Hollywood reports that 4 August has been declared “Megan Fox media blackout day” by a number of websites.

“You can have too much of a good thing”

“We’re joining in the media blackout and giving our readers a one-day reprieve from the woman we’ve been drowning in all summer.”

Eric Rogell of says it will give another starlet the chance to share the limelight.

“It’s time to give another young actress a shot at the attention,” he said.

“We’re taking a one-day break from covering Megan’s latest nail polish color and instead promoting another ‘Next Big Thing’.”

Megan recently laughed off reports of a ‘war of words’ with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen director Michael Bay.

The pair had previously exchanged apparent barbs culminating with Michael commenting the actress “still has a lot of growing up to do”.

Source: The London Paper