Megan Fox’s fitness secret

Actress Megan Fox believes treating herself on the weekend is the secret to her stunning figure. “Megan has been treating herself at the weekends.

On weekdays she sticks to protein with salad and veg,” femalefirst quoted a source as saying. The 25-year-old also works out with husband Brian Austin Greene. “He has got Meg into it. She does cardio and weights twice weekly but focuses on yoga and pilates, which she loves,” he added.

Source: Times of India

Shia LaBeouf Talks About Megan Fox

Here’s a quote of Shia LaBeouf talks briefly about Megan Fox with Daily Record.

Q What do you think now of Megan Fox, who was your co-star in the first two films?

A I enjoyed Megan when she was here. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an incredible actress. This is her first one out the gate and it takes a lot of strength to be in this position and Rosie is very poised and ready and very good at her job as well.

I think they are both good at their job. I enjoyed Megan, I enjoyed Rosie. I think they are both great actresses.