‘Ninja Turtles’ and Megan Fox looking to earn at the box office superheroes

 Amid the fever of living cinema superheroes like C apitán America , Iron Man  or X-Men “, the Ninja Turtles  arrive ready to claim their space with a plot dotted with humor and explosive starring Megan Fox.

“There is room for a little more crazy antiheroes” said director Jonathan Liebesman during a recent press conference in Los Angeles to introduce the film, which opens this Friday in Mexico, the United States and most of Latin America.

These turtles make “a parody of superheroes” and the only goal of the film “is to entertain, with no other intention,” said South African filmmaker.

In the film, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo-whose names pay tribute to artists of the Renaissance will try to stop the gangFoot Clan , led by the monster Shredder , threatening the city of New York.

The four reptiles have the help of journalist April O’Neil, played by Fox and TV camera and Vernon suitor, played by Will Arnett. 

Liebesman said that Guardians of the Galaxy , a comedy sci-fi about a band of anti-heroes created by Marvel and produced by Disney, achieved “very good numbers” in its first weekend in theaters in the United States, referring to the 94 million dollars raised, the third biggest opening of the year.

“We are going to do the same this weekend,” forward.

Megan Fox, controversy

The franchise of the Ninja Turtles , born comic book created in 1983 by Kevin Eastman and Peter cartoonists Laird, has given rise to several animated films, video games and a troop of enraged fans.  [Read more…]

Fox 4KC Interviews Megan Fox Video

“How can you not want to love the turtles?” Megan Fox asks when she chatted with film critic Shawn Edwards about her role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Fox says she’s 90% kid and loves the turtles.

Watch Shawn’s conversation with her in the player above, where she reveals which turtle she’d want to hang out with if she had to choose.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes out on Friday, Aug. 7.

Source: Fox 4KC

Megan Fox: Noah Is Excited About His Baby Brother – ‘Half the Time’

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green weren’t too far off when they guessed that their son Noah Shannon would take his time warming up to his baby brother.

And with almost six months having passed since Bodhi Ransom‘s birth, the couple’s 22-month-old firstborn is still exploring his role.

“Half the time he is [excited], he wants to stroke his head and help feed him — then the other half of the time he tries to smother him,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star joked to PEOPLE at a Wednesday screening of her film in New York City.

The actors are keeping their eye on both boys, as Noah has been known to experiment target practice with his toys. “He’s good most of the time, but then every once in a while, when we’re not looking and we hear the baby cry, we realize he’s thrown a toy at his face,” Fox, 28, says.

But despite the bumpy road to brotherly love, Noah and Bodhi still have their sweet moments.

“There’s not a whole lot of bonding going on, but they took their first nap together today! They were sleeping in the same position,” the proud mama shares.

Source: Celebrity Babies


Megan Fox Danced When She Got The Role!

Damnit Maurie, from the Roz & Mocha Show, travelled to Hollywood to interview Megan Fox and Will Arnett who star in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which hits theatres this weekend!

Megan Fox grew up a fan of the Turtles and landing the iconic role of April O’Neil was a dream come true for the actress, “I literally danced when I got the part, when I found out, because I was waiting for 2 weeks. They wouldn’t answer me, wouldn’t let me know if I had booked it or not. Then I got word and I danced in my living room.”

Also, she thinks that even the most hardcore super fans of the Turtles will come out of the theatre enjoying the movie. “I feel like there’s a whole group of people that grew up with them, like I did, and they want to be hard on it, and it’s going to be impossible for them to walk away from this movie and hate it.”

Will Arnett has quickly become the worlds best Dad, as it’s all his sons have been able to talk about since he began work on the project. “We shot this movie in New York last summer, and I’d be on set all day, and my kids would actually come to the set quite a bit, but because the turtles are CG they couldn’t actually see them, but they’d watch the guys do the stunts and all this cool stuff.” He continued, “then I’d come home after we wrapped, and I’d walk in and my boys would be dressed up as the Turtles, and they’d say ‘Dad you have to play Shredder.”

“My life has been all things Turtles for a couple years now, which is great, because it’s a story and characters that I’m really comfortable with my sons being into, because there is such a great message.”

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Megan Fox Believes In Aliens And Can’t Understand Why You Don’t

Megan Fox is a believer. “I believe in everything,” she told MTV in an interview about her new movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” What does “everything” include? Aliens. Big Foot a.k.a. “a large bipedal primate.” And ghosts, which Fox not only believes in, but has experienced first-hand.

It all went down in Mexico City. Fox was just in her hotel room with her kid and nanny, when something visited her… and poured her phantom coffee.

Yes, phantom coffee. Just watch the video.

“I can’t explain to you why they were making those sounds,” Fox said after telling her side of the story, but we remain skeptical. What do you think?

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” opens in theaters on Friday, August 9.

Megan Fox Talks ‘TMNT’ Sequels; Wants James Cameron’s Help To Make ‘Fathom’

The best thing about sitting down for an interview with Megan Fox is that you can expect the unexpected. While many an actor’s approach to the movie promotion press circuit is to stay “on message” and recycle the same stories and answers over and over again, Fox candidly speaks her mind and is smart and funny about it.

In the revamped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fox plays aspiring intrepid news reporter April O’Neil, on the hunt for an actual story to investigate instead of covering fluffy topics like fitness trends. O’Neil finds her story in the Turtles of course which, ultimately, doesn’t matter career-wise because she can’t tell anyone about them… until the sequel?

Speaking of which, when Screen Rant sat down with Fox recently we discussed how many Turtles movies she’s signed on for, as well as how O’Neil’s special brand of journalism differs from that of typical movie reporters, why Michaelangelo would be the most fun to date, and when/if we’re ever going to see her cinematic take on Fathom. Hint: Yes, but it might require the involvement of James Cameron? Read on to find out why.

The stereotype I hate in movies is when all the journalists sleep with their sources…

Oh interesting. Well, that would be difficult in this situation, we’d have like a weird inter-species thing happening, I don’t know if people are ready.

I did ask Will Arnett if his character Vern or Michelangelo would be more fun on a date…

Definitely Michelangelo without a doubt, it’s not even a question.

Why because his sense of humor?

He’s funny, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Vern’s too trying-to-be-a-cool-guy, disingenuous, wants to take her to a fancy restaurant. That’s not what Mikey would do, Mikey would put me on his back, we’d go skateboarding, sit under the bridge, eat some pizza, listen to music.

Of course Will said Vern would be the better date.

Of course. And he’s wrong.

Did you get to do any riding on the back of turtles?

[Laughs] You mean in real life?

Not in real life, while you were filming with the stunt sequences and such.

Well you mean the actual actors who were playing the turtles? There’s that scene where Mikey is holding me, that’s the closest thing I got to riding on a turtle’s back. Then there are a few times where Raph had to throw me over his shoulder and carried me around, I don’t know if that made it into the movie I can’t remember, same with Leo he had to hold me and run me through a room with gunfire, I also don’t know if that made the movie but we did it a few times. [Read more…]

TZ.de Interview Megan Fox

April O’Neil is your figure worn as an entertainment fee for their teenfresh beauty.This should look familiarHave you had similar bad experiences

Fox: I was constantly automatically called stupid. Probably because I was posingin a bikini. People were surprised when they then hit me and I did not soundcompletely stupidBut that’s unfortunately many actresses in Hollywood like that. 
The 99 most desirable women in the world 

Does that make you angry? 

Fox: I’m so not really a problemI do not have to prove to myself that I‘m smart. I know that. And my self-esteem has risen once again powerful, since I have kids

Twoto be exactAnd you have also taken out two years. Mama Meganhow has it changed your life

FoxIn every imaginable formIf you have pressed two kids out of itselfthen onecan shake anything. I used to be afraid of the cameranow no more. I am alsobecome much more spiritual. Because it is simply impossible that I have notknown my two sons ever been in a previous lifeTheir souls and my have just toosolid bandas that we might know us only a few months

You have grown up as a ChristianIn a fundamentalist church where you  as it is called  in tongues” is speaking. 

FoxYesmy parents were ultrareligious. In particular, my fatherIt was veryuncomfortable for meBut then my parents got divorced when I was five. Mystepfather was indeed severe, has made ​​religion not muchHe was also the one tobe me in my dream actresshas the most support

Where do you stand today religious? 

Fox: I’m very openThere is no religion that I follow strictly. I like the teachings of BuddhismI meditate a lotOn the other hand, I go to churchI would be best described as an esoteric Christian. 

The name of her elder son Bodhi is very unusual. What’s behind it

FoxBodhi is a term use the BuddhistsIt means spiritual awakening orenlightenmentBuddha sat under a Bodhi tree when he recognized the importanceof human lifeWhen my baby growing in my bellyI felt that he is looking forsomething importantHence the name fit

Bodhi (6 months)his brother Noah (is in September 2)stepson Kassius (11) andher husband Brian (Austin Green  known from Beverly Hills 90210”) are in themale majority. If you feel as a woman not sometimes lonely furrow

Fox: Not at all. I feel like the queen beethe matriarch of the tribe. I have created afamily of which I know they will take care of meI am always protected.

But you do not want but secretly a daughter as a reinforcement

Fox: Yes. I am the princess in the houseWith a little girl I would have to share the limelightAnd anyway, I love Boys. Of these, one can not have enough

Because more children are planned? 

FoxIf God or the universe providing for mewhy notI like to be pregnant and to put babies in the worldMotherhood is often a bit hectic and chaotic, but I feel that I am destined

You must have children and having a careerHow hard is that? 

Fox: I am in the fortunate position that one film per year, enough to support myfamily financiallyThank GodBecause it is difficult for me to leave my kids at home backIt hurts reallyto be separated from my baby

Taking as a parent to other roles than before? 

Fox: Yes. I want the same rolesThere can never be too dark or too sleazy for me.Even when my sons were to see the movies as a teenager laterNo matter, they will keep their mom always cool

Is the cool mom actually a fan of social networking

Foxnot at all. I did not even have a Twitter accountI‘m theoretically account on Facebook, but do not even know my password

Why not

FoxThat keeps my management under wrapsI tend namely to react veryemotionally to certain thingsMy manager is afraid that at night I let go of an angrytirade on FacebookThat would not be good for the image

Two children in two years and your character can not be seen in itHow does it work

Fox: I had to change my dietI leave out sugar and breadThis is hard in the beginning because there are addictive substancesBut after a week diminishes the desireI eat mainly protein-rich foods such as fishThese tons of fruits with lots offiber such as apples and pears and lots of vegetables

What about sports

FoxBut unfortunately I have two small children no timeYou keep me constantlybusy. I have a personal trainer who once rannimmt me the correct week for twohours. Endurance and strengthAfter that I‘m always totally ready

Have you housewifely qualities

FoxI cook for the kidsbut I‘m not a gourmet cook. Scrambled eggs or tomatosoup I get out wellCleaning is not my thingI leave my clothes lying aroundeverywhereThis makes my husband crazyHe is a clean freakCleans alwaysafter me. 

As a wise reporter Aprilwhich intelligent questions would you ask Megan Fox

Fox: I would ask“What does your soul to study and cope Why are you here on earth and what is to accomplish your life What are your specific personalchallenges in lifefor example, insecurityvanity, or anger??” Most people do not want to go so deep insideBut I find that answers to these questions are theclearest understanding of who the person is.