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I’ve added two new official trailer of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie. Megan Fox seen at a recording at Conan yesterday. We will update you the actual airdate of the interview. Also Megan will be visiting Mexico next week to promote her new film, TMNT. Do read the below quote for more information!

Megan Fox, better known as the female lead in the Transformers saga, will visit Mexico next week for the promotion of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie, where she plays a reporter.

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The actress only gave brith to her second son seven weeks ago.

Megan Fox would probably prefer to be at home with her new baby boy Bodhi right now, but instead the busy star has been called back to the set of her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninaj Turtles for some rumoured reshoots.

The movie released its first trailer last week, but according to insiders the reboot of the cult cartoon series is racing against time to reshoot key scenes ahead of it’s scheduled August release date.

Megan and her co-star Will Arnett were spotted back on set in Los Angeles yesterday with the actress showing off her amazing body, just seven weeks after gving birth to her second son.

The 27-year-old and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed little Bodhi back in Februray, a brother for their 18-month-old Noah. Megan has had to leave her family at home though as she heads back to work on the 3D film, which will see her play TV reporter April O’Neil.

Wearing a yellow leather jacket and skintight jeans, the star was spotted filming scenes with her co-star Will, who plays cameraman Vernon Fenwick

Geeks of Doom reported this week that the movie may reshoot as much as one third of the film, with producer Michael Bay who just wrapped up principal photography of Transformers: Age of Extinction, personally overseeing the reshoots. It’s unclear if director Jonathan Liebesman will be involved.

While it was rumoured that the reshoots would cause the release date to be pushed back to November or December, Bay was on Twitter yesterday to reassure fans that the August 8 release was still in place.

The filmmaker replied to a fan who asked him “Is it true @TMNTMovie will be PUSHED back from it’s release in August to now in December for Reshoots? #MBay #TMNT2014 #Reshoots”.

“Not true”, Bay replied.

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Sure, Megan Fox is a male fantasy incarnate—but it turns out, she’s also a girl’s girl. I sat down with her in New York to dish about beauty and her latest fragrance, Avon Instinct for Her. Here’s what I learned:

1. She had her share of awkward years. “Braces, ’90s choker… And no makeup. In junior high my mom was not letting me wear makeup.”

2. Her two biggest beauty regrets are overplucking her eyebrows and sunbathing. “It was not a spray tan. When I was tan, it was a real tan, which is scary because I’m so fair skinned naturally.”

3. Her favorite makeup is no makeup. “The pictures of me as a kid. That’s me. That’s how I prefer to look. More natural.”

4. And often she does it herself. “It happens to be some of my best makeup.”

5. Brown hair may as well be written into her contract. After donning a lighter wig for an SNL skit, “my (agent) Leslie said, ‘don’t ever dye your hair blonde.’”

6. Her go-to lip color is red. “It just works on my skin tone and it’s more flattering. I prefer a red lip to a nude lip.”

7. She loves drugstore moisturizer. “You can have an expensive moisturizer and turn it over and alcohol is the 4th ingredient. I’m not looking for an endorsement, but Cerave makes a really gentle moisturizer that I would recommend to anyone.”

8. She prefers strong, sexy fragrances. “A warm or exotic scent changes the way you feel and walk and handle yourself. I put it on my neck but then I do a general big body spray; I’m kind of heavy handed.”

9. She has freckles. “I get freckles in the sun. In the summer I always have a big splay of them across my nose and cheeks.”

10. Her lush hair trick: having a kid. (She’s currently pregnant with her second child.) “Post-baby I had really good hair.”

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Megan Fox is a mommy of two!

The actress and husband Brian Austin Green have welcomed their second child together, another baby boy, People reported Thursday.

Their new addition joins brother Noah, 16 months, in the family fold. Green is also dad to 11-year-old son Kassius from a previous relationship.

Fox has been pretty quiet on the social media front in recent weeks, though she did post an illustration on Facebook Tuesday of a woman sitting peacefully under a tree, looking up at a single shining star. Then again, it could also be the sun. Or son…

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star’s rep confirmed in August that the couple were “very happy” to be expecting again. Fox was most recently spotted in public (well, more like in the driveway of their house) by paparazzi earlier this month, when she was packing up the car for an outing with Green and Noah.

Fox admitted back in November that she had a tough first trimester, just as she did during her first pregnancy.

“But once you get into the second, it’s fine after that,” she told ABC News. 

She also didn’t have time to dwell on which pregnancy was harder than the other. “I don’t have time to think about it,” she said. “I have a 1-year-old running around. And then when you’re working, like, 16 hours a day, there’s no time for you at all. When I was home, I wasn’t sleeping. I was trying to make out time for the baby and spend time with him. So it was rough.”

But not long before giving birth to baby No. 2, Fox was gearing up for a romantic Valentine’s Day—or, with her due date nearing, at least gearing up for the launch of Avon Instinct for Her and Him.

“The for Her scent is perfect for women who want to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy,” the spokesmodel described the scent in a statement. “If you need a gift for the special man in your life, I would recommend Instinct for him. When I met my husband, the chemistry between us was magnetic. I love Instinct for Him because it captures that powerful moment of seduction—electric and intuitive—that sparks overwhelming passion without even saying a word.”

Well, she and Green obviously managed to keep the fire burning after their first child was born.

Congrats to the family of four!

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It’s a boy!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed their second child together, toofab has exclusively learned.

This is the second boy for the couple, who welcomed son Noah in September 2012, and the third son for Green — who also has 11-year-old Kassius with ex Vanessa Marcil.

No other details about the baby were immediately made available.

Back in November, Fox opened up about her “rough” second pregnancy.

“I’ve had rough first trimesters,” she told ABC News. “But once you get into the second, it’s fine after that.”

When asked how the two pregnancies differed, she added “I don’t have time to think about it, I have a 1-year-old running around. And then when you’re working like 16 hours a day, there’s no time for you at all.”

Congratulations to the couple — we can’t wait to find out the little one’s name!

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Megan Fox will never snub a waiter, as she “always brings cash for tips” whenever she steps out.

The 27-year-old Transformers actress reveals she worked in the retail industry before becoming famous.

Megan has compassion for hard-working servers and she makes it a point to fill her wallet with money if she’s planning on going to an eatery.

“I always bring cash for tips, and I never give less than $20,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “I used to work in a smoothie shop, so I know the value of a tip.”

In addition to tip money, Megan’s handbag is filled with a multitude of potentially valuable items when she leaves the house.

The stunner is always armed with things that will keep her mind occupied should she ever get bored.

“I only use black Sharpies [pens]. I’m very particular about how my handwriting looks. I’m also reading The Books of Enoch, which was once part of the Hebrew bible,” she detailed.

“My favourite TV show is Ancient Aliens, and this book describes angels in a way that sounds extraterrestrial.”

Megan is currently pregnant with her and husband Brian Austin Green’s second child together.

The star previously spoke about what it is carrying a baby again and she is happy to report that it’s a little easier in round two.

“For the most part, I would say it’s been a lot easier,” she told E! News recently, noting her 15-month-old son Noah has been a huge help.

“I think that could have a lot to do with the fact that I already have a baby, so I’m so distracted taking care of him, that I don’t really have time to sit and lament on the fact that I’m pregnant or indulge my pregnancy.”

Source: Entertainment Wise

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For Megan Fox, the nose knows — especially when she’s pregnant.

The actress — who is currently expecting her second child with husband Brian Austin Green — is the new face of Avon’s Instinct fragrance and admits much of her sudden sensitivity to smells is due to her baby on the way.

“I can smell everything! I usually can smell foul scents, I pick them up from far away,” Fox, who is also working on Avon Foundation for Women’s global social media campaign, #SeeTheSigns campaign, which will educate the public on recognizing signs of domestic violence, tells PEOPLE.

“[Brian's] constantly saying, ‘I don’t smell that, you are crazy, that’s not in the house,’ and I’m saying, ‘I promise you, it is somewhere.’”

While her second pregnancy has been “easier,” there is one new milestone for the mom-to-be: preparing the couple’s 14-month-old son Noah Shannon to be a big brother.

“We are trying to explain it to him and I always say, ‘The baby is going to say, “Wah, wah, wah,”‘ because he is not communicating yet [so] I’m not sure how much he understands,” Fox, 27, explains. “I know as far as everything else goes, he’s really aware. So I think he has an idea, but I don’t think he understands that a baby will be living with us all of the time — that will be an adjustment.”

But until his younger sibling arrives, the toddler has been busy soaking up time in the spotlight. “He loves to be the center of attention and I also think he is a really sensitive child,” Fox says.

“I think that he’s going to be a nurturer. It’s a lot to expect, but he’s only 14 months now. I think he’s going to be an amazing big brother with time.”

Adds Green, “He is either going to be great or … he’s going to be completely against it and it will be a battle.”

Source: People

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Megan Shared exclusively with Us Weekly that she was feeling “better now,”after revealing that her pregnancy was “rough in the beginning!”

“I’ve had rough first trimesters,” she told Us. “But once you get into the second, it’s fine after that.”

On the differences between her first and second pregnancies, the busy star told Us on Friday 

“I don’t have time to think about it. I have a 1-year-old running around. And then when you’re working like 16 hours a day, there’s no time for you at all.” She continued, “When I was home, I wasn’t sleeping — I was trying to make out time for the baby and spend time with him. So it was rough.

On the #seetheSigns campaign

“The lack of conversation about domestic violence keeps the epidemic hidden,” Fox, who is also the face of Avon Instinct fragrances, said in the press release. “With #SeetheSigns, the Avon Foundation hopes to create a global movement to encourage and motivate people to share and educate others about the signs of abuse so we can break this epidemic of violence.”


As if the release of a new Call Of Duty game wasn’t enough to get the world’s gamers rubbing their thumbs together in excitement, developers Activision have also convinced Megan Fox to lend her considerable appeal to the shoot ‘em up’s TV advert.

Four ordinary blokes race through a series of gun fights and action sequences to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s ‘I’m Gonna Live Until I Die’ before stumbling upon Fox, who cooly fires off a few rounds of her own.

It’s another sign of the growing power of the video game industry to attract Hollywood heavyweights, whether it’s to help promote the game or star in it, as we saw earlier this year with Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls.

Here, in an exclusive for Esquire.co.uk, is the b-roll footage from Megan’s cameo, including a brief interview in which the Transformers star reveals she was a gamer in a past life.

Hey – if anything’s going to make you feel better about spending hours of your life pretending to be a solider, it’s the thought that Megan Fox thinks it’s cool too.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts is out now.

Source: Esquire UK

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Megan Fox has skipped the rumor mill almost completely, dispatching her husband, Brian Austin Green, to confirm that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child and “doing great.”

The 40-year-old actor said that he’s already hard at work making sure his baby mama is taken care of. “I do whatever she asks for and I say yes no matter what it may be!” he told Us Weekly on Friday.

“She’s doing great. She did great the first time around, but I wouldn’t wish the experience on anybody! I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t make a baby, it’s unbelievable!” Green revealed the news at Generosity Water’s 5th Annual Night of Generosity event in Beverly Hills. Dressed in a black pinstriped suit, Green was mysteriously sans-Megan Fox, hence the revelation. The couple, already parents to son Noah Shannon, don’t have a preference between boy or girl.

“I’m [just] hoping for a healthy baby,” Green revealed. Green and 27-year-old Fox have been married since 2010, though they dated on-and-off since 2004. They welcomed Noah Shannon, 11 months, back in September 2012.

With a new baby on the way, Green is already thinking ahead as to how he’ll balance being a dad to two young ones and focusing on his role in the FX sitcom Anger Management.

“I have to say, we honestly have no idea and we discuss it daily and think, ‘How are we going to do this?’” he said. “I think we’ll just see when it happens. People do it all the time.” Congratulations to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green from IQ!

Source: Inquisitr.com

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