First Interview of Megan Fox On The Set of ‘New Girl’


“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Megan Fox on the set of “New Girl,” where she is filling in for new mom Zooey Deschanel.

It was her first interview since her surprise split from Brian Austin Green in August.

Of her character, Fox revealed, “I think she is bisexual, is what is written in the script.”

Fox’s former flame will be played by Hannah Simone, who shared, “In our first episode together, I think they have Cece and Reagan take a shower together.”

Megan will appear on “New Girl” early next year.

Video: TMNT Australia Press Junkets Interviews

As promised, here are some videos from September 9th which Megan and Will have an interview for the promotion of TMNT. After all the interviews and press junkets, Megan must’ve been really exhausted and misses her children back in the states. Hopefully she will spend more time with her sons after this.

Megan has another interview with SMH. You can check out the interview from their website. 

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Enjoy these interviews of Megan! Love her quotes!

Megan Fox picks Rain as her ideal type

American actress Megan Fox picked Rain as her choice for her ideal type!

Visiting South Korea for the red-carpet premiere of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, she stopped by for an interview on ‘Entertainment Relay’.

When she was asked about her ideal type, she picked Rain. “He’s very handsome,” she said. “Did you see ‘Ninja Assassin’? Did you see those abs?”

For any other man, that might not be reason enough, but we think we can make an exception for Rain! Check out the full interview above.

Source: All K Pop